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Better curled lashes

 Today were talking lash curl and how to get it to stay! I don’t want to reinvent the wheel but I have yet to see the way I do my lashes online.

For the people who wanna know how and why, hair texture can be temporary manipulated by 3 factors. Water, heat or chemical.

Today were using water and heat, with a little bit of product! You’ll be amazed how long that curl is gonna stay!

My before, saturday morning face…

 First you want to wet your lashes. I like to just stick my finger under the facet, close my eye and pat it on y lashes. Easy Peasy!

Then I run a layer or two of my L’Oreal Lash Serum. A clear mascara would work great too. I feel like this really helps the curl to stay!

Heat up your lash curler, and be sure to heat the curl plate.

 Make sure the eye lash curler is cool enough to place next to your delicate eyelid and then start with your curl. I also turn the hair dryer on a warm low setting and from a great distance I blow some hair from a downward angle onto my eyes while curling.



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