whatever you do…do it pretty

My tag line “Whatever you do… do it pretty” I think is pretty cute. But it has real meaning guys! I have been so guilty of saving and hoarding “things” to use only for special times or events. I would save a nice bottle of wine, I would store away a really pretty set of false lashes, I would admire my full bottle of expensive perfume and never spray it. And it hit me, I kept waiting for a bigger, better time to use… (fill in the blank). I could have smelled like pure sunshine & spirit this whole summer but instead I waited till I could deem a time special enough to use the pricey perfume. So then I never used it. What a waste! I had a beautiful perfume sitting there never being used that I could have easily purchased again if I ran out of and would have enjoyed the trip to the mall to get it! Just so I could save it and never use it, but I would always have it… to never use. Wow! Total wake up call! In a year it might not even smell the same either, total waste.

So that’s partly how I came up with Do.It.Prety. Whatever small tasks were doing in life, isn’t it way more fun to do. it. pretty. ? So come along with me on this pretty journey!         Is it going to be just another ol boring Monday at the office? No way. Do your hair, do your makeup, look polished,  and have a great day! Who knows maybe you’ll have more fun, and be more adventurous afterwards. Maybe when you run into people that day, they complement you more and you start feeling great about yourself! Just cooking & having dinner at home, AGAIN with your spouse? No way! Your getting to spend time together, making memories, tasting delicious the flavors were so blessed to be able to afford. Why not put it on your nice plates, and use real cloth napkins? Why do we save and hoard such things like that to use a handful of times a year? I am vowing to get better myself. So tonight Im cooking it up in the kitchen for our Friday night meal. Im going to even dress up, use pretty plates, light a few candles and make my food presentation look gorgeous. So come along on this pretty journey with me!                                     till next time whatever you do… do it pretty. -Amanda

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